What companies can learn from COVID-19:
Remote Learning Experiments & Free Adaptive Coronavirus Course

I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy in this challenging period.
Taking care of ourselves, people and organisations while keeping distance requires that we think and do differently. 
Togetherness. The good thing is that when we pull our knowledge and work together, we can overcome most of the challenges and in cases even came out stronger. 
I wanted to share with you our experience on the importance of remote learning that is crucial – had to be done fast and rolled out to the whole world practically.
We are making available for FREE an adaptive learning course on Coronavirus and COVID-19.

Knowledge is KEY: Free Coronavirus and COVID-19 course.  
4K Academy has decided to share this online course by Area9 for FULL USAGE without any restrictions to help secure the best education possible for people who are in the front line of this global challenge for our health care system. Anybody can sign-up for the course here and get immediate access. 
The target group is medical and laboratory professionals but everyone is welcome to take it: Coronavirus Disease 2019


C Schembri 




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