Assertive Manager


Learn how to build productive relationships at work. To be successful, you need productive relationships at work. This course will help you understand different types of behaviour, their characteristics and their potential impact on the people you work with. It gives guidance on how to use assertive behaviours to express your ideas, beliefs and feelings and responsive behaviours to find out what others think, believe and feel. It will also help you understand the way aggressive and submissive behaviours operate and gives practical advice on how to deal with them. The course will help you build more productive relationships at work – ones where everyone is committed to achieve their objectives.


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify the differences between assertive, responsive, aggressive and submissive behaviours
  • Understand how the way you behave influences others’ behaviour
  • Understand how to use assertive behaviours to help build positive relationships
  • Use questioning and listening techniques to get the best out of others
  • Recognise the impact of aggressive and submissive behaviours and identify ways of dealing with them

Course Duration

2 Hours


Assertive Manager


Assertive Manager

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Training Duration

2 Hours




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