Report Writing


This course contains the following 4 modules:

Introduction To Report Writing: This topic provides an introduction to writing clear and easily understandable reports.
Email:This topic is designed to help learners reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of communicating by email.
Preparation For Report Writing: The secret to a well-written report is taking time to work out exactly what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it.
Writing Your Report: Invaluable advice on how to write a report, from choosing the best style of report to the effective use of language.


Introduction To Report Writing:

  • Know why you need to write reports
  • Recognise the different types of report
  • Know what makes a good report
  • Start to think about your next report


  • Understand how and when to use email
  • Appreciate that emails are not always reliable
  • Know how to write a clear, concise email
  • Understand how to manage your emails effectively
  • Recognise the need for basic etiquette rules

Preparation For Report Writing:

  • Understand the need to set objectives
  • Know who will be reading the report and why
  • Know the steps to take before beginning the report
  • Understand what need to be in the report and what doesn’t
  • Understand how to collate the information gathered

Writing Your Report:

  • Know which type of report you are writing
  • Understand the structure needed for your report
  • Be ready to get a topic agreed and set an objective for your report
  • Recognise the importance of research
  • Be able to write a high impact report

Course Duration

2 Hours

Introduction To Report Writing: 30 Minutes
Email: 30 Minutes
Preparation For Report Writing: 30 Minutes
Writing Your Report: 30 Minutes


Report Writing


Training Duration

2 Hours




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