This course contains the following 7 modules on the following:

Alternative Support:This module uses the learner’s own experiences to explore instances where coaching cannot resolve an issue. It looks at some alternative routes including counselling, mentoring and self-managed learning.
Coaching Behaviours:This module prompts the learner to explore just what makes a profitable coaching relationship; how honesty, trust, commitment and belief in the coachee’s potential really matter; how a coach must be supportive, non-judgemental but challenging.
Coaching Moments:This module asks the learner to reflect on how often they coach to develop the idea that coaching is much more of an attitude than a process: how coaching opportunities can arise at any time and need not be restricted to formal coaching sessions.
Coaching Styles and Skills:This module lets learners diagnose and reflect on their own natural coaching style. It then explores the learner’s questioning skills in order to enhance their ability to probe and facilitate the coachee’s development.
The Coaching Journey:This module emphasises the coach’s role as a guide or facilitator on the coaching journey; how they can help the coachee draw their map but not draw the map for them; how coaching can only succeed if the coachee takes personal responsibility.
The Goals of Coaching:This module uses true stories to prompt the learner to think about people’s true, untapped potential; how self-awareness, on the part of the coachee, is a crucial first step to the primary goal of coaching – to make the coachee successful.
Why Coaching Is Crucial:This module prompts the learner to consider their own experience of coaching in order to dispel some of the myths about what coaching is and who it is for.


Alternative Support:

  • Know when to look for alternatives
  • Know the main alternatives that are available

Coaching Behaviours:

  • Understand the coaching relationship
  • Lean the keys to success in coaching
  • Appreciate the importance of potential

Coaching Moments:

  • Learn the ideal mix for formal and informal coaching
  • Know when to coach
  • Understand the importance of coaching as part of the everyday team climate

Coaching Styles and Skills:

  • Discover your natural coaching style
  • Know how and when you use your style
  • Learn which styles are most useful
  • Recognise your behaviour as a coach
  • Learn some useful questioning techniques

The Coaching Journey:

  • Learn the key stages of coaching
  • Discover the goals of coaching
  • Appreciate how raising performance can be achieved
  • Understand the GROW model

The Goals of Coaching:

  • Understand the use of coaching
  • Recognise the benefits of coaching
  • Know the initial and key goals of coaching
  • Know why you should encourage self-reflection

Why Coaching Is Crucial:

  • Know what coaching is
  • Understand what makes coaching so important
  • Know about different ways of coaching
  • Recognise how coaching will benefit you and your team

Course Duration

3.5 Hours

Alternative Support: 30 Minutes
Coaching Behavious: 30 Minutes
Coaching Moments: 30 Minutes
Coaching Styles and Skills: 30 Minutes
The Coaching Journey: 30 Minutes
The Goals of Coaching: 30 Minutes
Why Coaching Is Crucial: 30 Minutes





Training Duration

3.5 Hours




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