Dangerous Substances


Dangerous Substances are present in virtually every workplace so it is important to raise awareness of safe handling and proper safety precautions. Occupational diseases may result from handling and exposure to hazardous substances so “Dangerous Substances” identifies and examines the dangers. This course looks at the law and the legal requirements for dealing with hazardous substances in the workplace. The course covers performing risk assessments and establishing effective control measures.


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Provide information on dangerous substances and the law
  • Inform users about the safety implications involved in handling or coming into contact with dangerous substances
  • Importance of proper control measures
  • Understand the hazards involved in dealing with dangerous substances and the risk of occupational diseases
  • You will know how to carry out a basic risk assessment and put in place safety controls for handling, storage and disposal

Course Duration

1.5 Hours


Dangerous Substances


Dangerous Substances

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Training Duration

1.5 Hour




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