Developing Performance


This course contains the following 7 modules on the following:

Challenging Performance: This module asks the learner to reflect on how they react to different levels of performance at work and elsewhere. It explores why and how leaders should challenge not just the poor performers but all team members, including even the great performers.
Giving and Receiving Feedback: This module uses basic Transactional Analysis to explore how the learner can make their feedback effective. They are prompted to reflect on how often they seek feedback for their team and how they react to it.
Improving Performance: This module explores the different ways that the learner can improve or stretch poor, average and great performers, as well as ways to probe the reasons behind a particular level of performance.
Levels of Performance: This module explores the impact of poor, average and great performers on the performer themselves, the team and the business. How leaders must pay attention to the performance of all the members of their team.
Monitoring Performance: This module explores how vital observation and monitoring are to a high performance climate: how they allow leaders to provide ongoing developmental and motivational feedback, as well as how best to go about them.
Rewarding Performance: This module prompts the learner to consider what motivates them and their team members. It explores how the range of motivational factors opens up a range of possible reward categories for their team.
Setting Goals: This module asks the learner to reflect on the goals they’ve set in their life. It explores the value of such goals in life and in business. It looks at ways to ensure the team members’ goals link to the team’s goals, and the team’s goals link to the business’s.


Challenging Performance:

  • Understand why you must challenge every member of your team
  • Know how to gather the evidence before challenging your team
  • Know how to react to emotional reactions
  • Be able to encourage your team to take responsibility for their performance
  • Understand how to give feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback:

  • Understand the different types of feedback
  • Know the different ways feedback can be given
  • Know how to give feedback
  • Know how to receive feedback
  • Know the different feedback states and how they come into play in communication

Improving Performance:

  • Understand how to improve performance
  • Be able to motivate your team
  • Be able to highlight the consequences of not improving poor performance
  • Know the importance of an action plan
  • Recognise the use of motivation

Levels of Performance:

  • Know the different levels of performance
  • Understand why different performance levels have different impacts
  • Know how you should react to the different performance levels

Monitoring Performance:

  • Understand the use of monitoring
  • Know when to use monitoring
  • Be able to evaluate your findings
  • Know what actions to take with your findings

Rewarding Performance:

  • Understand part of your job as a leader is to motivate
  • Know how to reward performance
  • Know how to reward individuals as well as the team
  • Be able to set clear goals for your team

Setting Goals:

  • Understand the importance of setting goals
  • Be able to set achievable goals for all aspects of your life
  • Be able to identify what distractions might be stopping you achieving your goals
  • Set goals that link in with your team and the business

Course Duration

3.5 Hours

Challenging Performance: 30 Minutes
Giving and Receiving Feedback: 30 Minutes
Improving Performance: 30 Minutes
Levels of Performance: 30 Minutes
Monitoring Performance: 30 Minutes
Rewarding Performance: 30 Minutes
Setting Goals: 30 Minutes


Developing Performance


Developing Performance

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Training Duration

3.5 Hours




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