How To Make Agreements Work


This course contains the following 4 modules on the following:

Identifying and Agreeing Requirements: This module concerns the specification for the work. It covers drawing up a specification and agreeing on it, handling the customer-supplier relationship and managing the risk.
Maintaining the Agreement: Once you have a contract you have to ensure that it remains in good working order. This module covers monitoring progress and managing the contract to reduce the chances of running into difficulty. It also considers the action you should take if things do not go according to plan.
Negotiating and Reaching an Agreement: Contracting usually involves negotiating. This module explores how to reach an agreement which benefits both parties while maintaining a good working relationship between the contractor and the client.
What is a Contract: This module investigates the reasons why we need contracts in the workplace, the structure, format and content of contracts and the working relationships which govern them.


Identifying and Agreeing Requirements:

  • Be able to specify needs
  • Be able to agree needs
  • Understand how to manage the customer-supplier relationship
  • Know how to assess and manage risks

Maintaining the Agreement:

  • Understand the need to monitor progress
  • Be able to anticipate difficulties
  • Be able to use problem solving techniques
  • Know how to keep the project on track
  • Understand how the contract can be discharged

Negotiating and Reaching an Agreement:

  • Understand how to negotiate successfully
  • Know the factors that will contribute to the length of the negotiations
  • Understand the possible outcomes
  • Identify and prioritise your aims and objectives
  • Be able to specify your needs
  • Know how to deal with difficult situations

What is a Contract:

  • Understand what a contract is
  • Know the different types of contract
  • Understand a contracts function
  • Understand the structure of contracts
  • Know what a contract should contain
  • Know how to make a contract

Course Duration

2.5 Hours

Identifying and Agreeing Requirements: 40 Minutes
Maintaining the Agreement: 30 Minutes
Negotiating and Reaching an Agreement: 40 Minutes
What is a Contract: 40 Minutes


How To Make Agreements Work


How To Make Agreements Work

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Training Duration

2.5 Hours




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