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This course contains the following 8 modules:

A Problem Owned Is A Problem Solved: By owning a problem, employees can enhance their company’s reputation for good service, but, should they fail to spot the problem or fail to deal with it immediately to the customer’s satisfaction, then that customer will simply walk away. In this course, Peter learns that he is the hotel in the customer’s eyes and that he (the hotel) will lose valuable business, unless someone decides to take ownership of the problem.
Im A Customer Sell Me Something: Everyone is a salesperson for their own company, even though it may not be part of their job description. For companies to really expect their employees to sell effectively, they must understand the process of gaining customer commitment. This video proves that “sales” is not a dirty word and demystifies the sales interview by highlighting very simply the four steps (from opening to gaining commitment) within the sales process.
Napkins to Your Right: No company can afford to stand still – no matter how good the quality of service, continuous improvement is critical. By using their initiative, employees can ensure that improvements are made continuously. In this course Julie and Keith are very proud of their new restaurant, uniforms and menu, and search for the improvement which could make the difference to their success. Unfortunately their focus is still not through the eyes of the customer.
Satisfying Customer Needs: We live in a world where all customers are becoming more demanding with needs that are more sophisticated or complex, so those employees who can help identify their needs are particularly valuable when facing difficult situations. In this course, Beryl, a young travel consultant, is confronted by three very different customers, all of whom have seemingly unintelligible needs. At first she doesn’t cope very well… but eventually learns the importance of jointly identifying customer needs.
Watch My Body: There are many methods of communication, yet significant problems are caused at work through a lack of communication or understanding. By becoming better communicators, employees can ensure their company’s message is understood, that customer commitment is gained and that colleagues understand what is expected of them. In this course, the hospital kitchen staff learn how crucial this is when all sorts of havoc is caused by a general lack of communication.
Whats Teamwork Got To Do With Widgets: The ability to work together and perform as a team is vital if service quality is to be maintained and every employee, whether in direct contact with customers or not, is crucial to the team – if one member of the team fails to deliver, then the service chain is broken and both the customer and the company potentially lose. In this course, the Timkins Widgets croquet team learns a very valuable lesson from a competitor and recognises the unique contribution of each employee.
Who Scored The Goal: In order to differentiate themselves, most companies these days are relying on their employees to bring an element of business awareness to their jobs. Market intelligence, or understanding their customers’ needs is no longer the sole domain of the marketing department – everyone is in sales and marketing. In this programme, Bernard’s patience is pushed to the limits as his ideal afternoon in front of the television is disturbed as he begins to understand how marketing creates lifetime customer value.
Why Doesnt Management Tell Us What To Do:This video shows that by taking responsibility for their own appearance, attitude, confidence, business awareness and self-learning, employees can assist their organisation in the achievement of its mission or goals, whilst safeguarding their own employability and furthering their own careers. In this course, based in an office environment, Ruth coaches Gavin through his crisis of confidence, with significant success.


A Problem Owned Is A Problem Solved:

  • Understand the importance of the customer
  • Acknowledge how all employees are the company that they work for
  • Appreciate that “A Problem Owned Is A Problem Solved”

Im A Customer Sell Me Something:

  • Acknowledge that every employee has an involvement in sales
  • Recognise the “four steps” in the sales process

Napkins to Your Right:

  • Understand the need constantly improve
  • Recognise that improvements need to be for customers and not for employees

Satisfying Customer Needs:

  • Be able to identify how the customer may feel
  • Understand the importance of listening attentively to the customer
  • Identify the customers’ needs and develop a shared understanding
  • Generate commitments you can work towards

Watch My Body:

  • Understand the need to communicate effectively
  • Recognise the potential issues that arise through bad communication

Whats Teamwork Got To Do With Widgets:

  • Understand how customers can relate to your job regardless of your current job description
  • Be aware of the importance of teamwork in the office not just the playing field
  • Know how your job can add value for customers
  • Consider your team and how they add their contribution
  • Generate commitments you can work towards

Who Scored The Goal:

  • Understand the importance of proactively creating opportunities and how you would do so yourself
  • Be aware of the opportunities there are to find out more information of the customers ideals
  • Know the value of a lifetime customer relationship
  • Identify what special treatment you can give to customers
  • Generate commitments you can work towards

Why Doesnt Management Tell Us What To Do:

  • Identify your role and know how it can affect your customers
  • Understand the responsibilities that are important and how you must manage them
  • Be aware of how the customer may feel when they come into contact with you and the organisation
  • Generate commitments you can work towards

Course Duration

3 Hours

A Problem Owned Is A Problem Solved: 30 Minutes
Im A Customer Sell Me Something: 30 Minutes
Napkins to Your Right: 25 Minutes
Satisfying Customer Needs: 20 Minutes
Watch My Body: 20 Minutes
Whats Teamwork Got To Do With Widgets: 20 Minutes
Who Scored The Goal: 20 Minutes
Why Doesnt Management Tell Us What To Do: 20 Minutes


Make The Difference


Make The Difference

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Training Duration

3 Hours




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