Managing Yourself Effectively


This course contains the following 6 modules on the following:

Dealing With Stress: This module will explore how you can manage stress.
Making Time: In this module, you’ll look at techniques for planning and prioritising your work and for improving your efficiency.
People: The way you deal with people can save or lose you time. In this topic, you’ll discover how to handle unwanted interruptions, the way to manage meetings and what jobs you should be delegating.
Recognising Stress: This module looks at what actually happens when we are stressed, how stress affects performance and how to identify the factors that may cause stress.
Time Management and You: In this module , you will consider how your personality affects the way you manage your time and find out how to develop a personal sense of time.
Where Are You Going: This module looks at the importance of life planning, techniques for setting personal, life and career goals, and implementing career action plans.


Dealing With Stress:

  • Explore different ways of overcoming stress

Making Time:

  • Understand the importance of planning your goals
  • Know what’s important
  • Know what’s urgent
  • Be able to make a daily plan
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping
  • Know how to avoid time wasters


  • Know how to prevent interruptions
  • Know how and when to delegate
  • Be able to review your own work
  • Know which meetings to attend
  • Be able to work out how much the meeting has cost
  • Know what to include in meetings
  • Understand how to deal with interruptions and aggression
  • Be able to encourage participation

Recognising Stress:

  • Know the difference between pressure and stress
  • Be able to recognise indicators of stress
  • Know what causes stress
  • Know how to respond to pressure

Time Management and You:

  • Know your personal work pattern
  • Know the causes of bad time management
  • Be able to analyse your use of time
  • Know how to create a time log
  • Understand where your time is best spent

Where Are You Going:

  • Learn how to bring balance to your life
  • Be able to create a timeline
  • Be able to set goals for the future
  • Be able to decide what you want to get out of your career
  • Know how to review adjust your plan

Course Duration

3.5 Hours

Dealing With Stress: 30 Minutes
Making Time: 30 Minutes
People: 40 Minutes
Recognising Stress: 40 Minutes
Time Management and You: 30 Minutes
Where Are You Going: 25 Minutes


Managing Yourself Effectively


Managing Yourself Effectively

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Training Duration

3.5 Hours




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