Problem Solving for Decision Makers


This course contains the following 5 modules on the following:

Decision Making: In this module you’ll look at process designed to help you to evaluate all the alternatives precisely and specifically, and then make the right decision.
Making Sense of Information: In this module you will look at how to process the information you have gathered and build a picture of the situation represented in that information.
Presenting the Solution: In this module you will examine good ways of formatting information to make it as clear as possible for yourself and for others.
Problem Analysis: In this module you will investigate the tools and techniques for problem analysis and a systematic method for getting to the causes of problems quickly.
Recognising Problem: In this module you will investigate the types of problems we encounter in a management context and typical barriers that prevent us recognising and solving problems. You’ll also investigate a systematic approach to analysing and solving problems and discover some techniques for recognising potential problems.


Decision Making: 

  • Be able to define objectives
  • Understand the decision-making procedure
  • Be able to conduct a risk analysis
  • Know how to prepare for making the decision
  • Understand how to make the decision
  • Know how to follow up your decision

Making Sense of Information: 

  • Know the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative information
  • Be able to check your understanding of the information you have gathered
  • Know the importance of creating and testing hypotheses
  • Know the difference between proactive and reactive problem solvers
  • Understand how to use various tools for examining problems

Presenting the Solution: 

  • Understand how to present information in different ways
  • Know how best to present simple information
  • Understand how to present complicated data in the best way

Problem Analysis: 

  • Know how to analyse problems
  • Learn a method for finding causes quickly
  • Understand the problem solving funnel
  • Learn some useful questions to ask to understand the problem
  • Know how to identify differences
  • Be able to identify possible causes
  • Understand what action to take

Recognising Problem: 

  • Be able to recognise various problems
  • Understand how to solve everyday problems
  • Adopt a systematic approach to recognising and solving problems
  • Know some typical barriers to problem solving
  • Understand the difference between bounded and unbounded problems
  • Be able to write a problem statement

Course Duration

2.5 Hours

Decision Making: 30 Minutes
Making Sense of Information: 30 Minutes
Presenting the Solution: 15 Minutes
Problem Analysis: 30 Minutes
Recognising Problem: 30 Minutes


Problem Solving for Decision Makers


Problem Solving for Decision Makers

Training Duration

2.5 Hours




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