Sales Skills


This course contains the following 3 modules on the following:

Communicating with the Customer: Communication is the key to a sale; this course teaches the learner the different types of communication and how to use them to their advantage. At the end of this course the learner will be able to apply your understanding of communication and active listening to build productive, long-term business relationships.

Managing Yourself: Anyone who has been involved in sales for even a short time will know that success does not come overnight. It takes experience, planning, and a lot of determination to be in the right place with the right product or service at the right time.
Just getting to meet your customer is much more than a matter of luck. Yet even then, no sale is a foregone conclusion.
This course will help the salesperson to master a range of vital skills at all stages of the sales process.

Understanding Your Customer: This course will provide an understanding of how customers reach their buying decisions, helping you to make a professional impression and increasing your chances of success. An effective sales executive not only possesses a good knowledge of sales techniques but also a good knowledge of buyers and markets. Understanding the way buyers think can give you a huge advantage when attempting to make and follow up a sale.


Communicating with the Customer: 

  • Understanding different types of written communication, and the language that works best
  • Realising your responsibility as a communicator
  • Improving your questioning technique
  • Using summaries and repetition to show you understand
  • Using networking to establish long-term customers
  • Using the Internet for networking

Managing Yourself:

  • Devising a personal development plan
  • Set personal objectives
  • Discover barriers to achieving personal targets and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to give and receive formal and informal feedback
  • Defining the sales team
  • Find out about the benefits of team selling
  • Learn the stages of team development
  • Identify reasons for managing your time
  • Prioritize tasks

Understanding Your Customer:

  • Appreciating the factors that affect buyers in different selling situations
  • Identify the different factors influencing the buying process
  • Finding out about your customer
  • Learn the importance of the Decision Making Unit
  • Finding out what motivates the buyer
  • Learn what a buyer looks for in a supplier
  • Know the importance of customer care
  • Gathering and analysing customer feedback
  • Learn how to act on customer feedback
  • Understand Extension selling, Cross selling and Up selling

Course Duration

6 Hours

Communicating with the Customer: 120 Minutes
Managing Yourself: 120 Minutes
Understanding Your Customer: 120 Minutes


Sales Skills


Sales Skills

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Training Duration

6 Hours




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