Smarter Communication


This course contains the following 4 modules on the following:

Expressing Yourself: This module examines how you can express yourself in the most effective way with different people in different situations. It also looks at how you might be perceived by your listener and how your relationship affects the interaction.
Influencing Techniques: This module covers the essential techniques you will need to use when you wish to influence others to gain acceptance of your ideas and change other’s behaviour and attitudes to achieve positive outcomes.
Planning to Communicate: This module shows you what to consider when thinking ahead and planning your communication – in one-to-one and group interactions, formal and informal and in writing.
What is Influencing: What is Assertiveness explores the theories and behaviours associated with assertiveness and the effects and consequences of assertive and non-assertive behaviours to enable you to understand your own and others behaviours.


Expressing Yourself: 

  • Know how to express yourself effectively
  • Know how you are perceived by others
  • Know how the interaction is affected by your relationship
  • Know how your relationship is affected by the interaction

Influencing Techniques: 

  • Understand the importance of planning
  • Know which words and phrases to use and which to avoid
  • Be able to show you have listened to any questions and objectives
  • Know how to manage questions and objections
  • Be able to deal with misunderstandings
  • Know how to respond
  • Understand how to deal with anger
  • Know when to stop trying to influence

Planning to Communicate: 

  • Understand how to communicate one to one
  • Know how to communicate to a group
  • Understand the differences between formal and informal situations
  • Know how to communicate in writing

What is Influencing: 

  • Understand what makes a successful working relationship
  • Know the different types of behaviours
  • Know what assertiveness is
  • Know what assertiveness is not
  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Appreciate the importance of perception

Course Duration

2.5 Hours

Expressing Yourself: 45 Minutes
Influencing Techniques: 35 Minutes
Planning to Communicate: 25 Minutes
What is Influencing: 40 Minutes


Smarter Communication


Smarter Communication

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Training Duration

2.5 Hours




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