Who Killed The Customer


This course contains the following 2 modules on the following:

Who Killed The Customer: The module looks at the whole issue of internal customer care, highlights the actions required to build and maintain good relations with internal customers and promote teamwork through improved inter-departmental understanding. It focuses on the need for continuing care of existing customers, understanding customer needs and motivation and highlights actions that can be taken to keep customers happy. This course demonstrates that customer care starts at the top and provides a forum for agreeing a customer care strategy.
Who Killed The Sale: This module concentrates on the aspects of poor customer care, and how to eradicate them. The main objective of this course is for you to review current sales processes within your organisation, and their effect on gaining and keeping clients. This course has been designed to help you understand that everyone has a customer, whether internal or external, and the effects of poor customer care. It will help you to develop ideas and actions for improving the way in which customers are handled, serviced and supported.


Who Killed The Customer: 

  • Identify your own internal customers and understand their motivation
  • List the actions and behaviours needed to improve internal customer care and enhance customer relationships
  • Identify behaviours and actions which show a commitment to customer care
  • Set customer care objectives
  • Formulate a recommended customer care strategy
  • Prepare an action plan to monitor achievements and progress

Who Killed The Sale: 

  • Become aware of the commercial implications of poor customer service
  • Analyse the way in which activities of other departments throughout an organisation can affect the Sales

Course Duration

1.5 Hours

Who Killed The Customer: 50 Minutes
Who Killed The Sale: 40 Minutes


Who Killed The Customer


Who Killed The Customer

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Training Duration

1.5 Hour




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